You must install some form of recess lighting if you want a stylish home. The right lighting can make or break a home. It doesn’t matter if you have gone for the most modern finish possible or prefer the traditional look; the right lighting will enhance the effect by 100%. But it can also add a gloomy effect if you over do the number of down lights you install. As they are energy efficient and effective some people install too many thinking they have to cover the entire ceiling. Instead they should be positioned to achieve the best effect on your walls rather than create a good lighting pattern on the ceiling. If you have a small room consider putting in up lighters instead as they will make the room appear bigger than it is. Combine this with light colored walls and ceilings for the best results.

Can you install recess lighting in any room?

Although interior design and decorating is influenced to a large extent by your personal taste there are certain rules that should be followed in all cases. The first consideration is one of safety. You should never try to work out how to install recessed lighting if you don’t have any qualifications or experience in electric work. Always use a properly qualified tradesman to do this type of work. Never be tempted to use the wrong fittings in any space as this can cause a fire. Even if this doesn’t cause a tragedy, you may find you have invalidated your home insurance cover and the discount halo lighting fixtures you bought on special offer actually end up costing you a fortune.

If you are thinking of installing recessed lighting, planning is extremely important. When you buy a table lamp you can move it around the room until you find the right spot. You cannot change the placement of ceiling lights once they have been installed hence why you need to plan. If you are decorating the whole room from scratch it is useful to draw up a model of the room so you can experiment with different styles and placements.

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What is recessed kitchen lighting used for?

Recessed kitchen lighting is often used to provide additional task lighting for work areas. You may want to combine the lights with an overhanging rail for hanging useful cooking utensils. You can work out different ideas very easily on paper and only when you are happy with the final result should you start working on installing recess lighting.

As with any form of illumination the recessed lighting placement is very important. This will be dictated somewhat by the type of room. For example with the bathroom you have to obey the current safety guidelines so you may not be able to position the lights exactly where you want them. You can work with your electrician to find a solution that doesn’t break the law yet fulfils your personal requirements as well.

If you are not decorating from scratch you will have to work with what you have got. This doesn’t mean you can’t add your own personal stamp to a room. Installing a recessed lighting trim around the wardrobes in your bedroom can create a nice effect particularly if they have a mirrored finish. Add in some throws and a couple of your favorite cushions and you will have updated the room while making it your own. Choosing recessed lighting is more of a permanent and expensive change than changing the color and texture of your bed linen.

Recess lighting is often used to highlight a beautiful picture or focal point in a living or dining area. Some people will use it above the pelmet of the curtain to highlight a pretty window dressing. The choices are unlimited if you have a little imagination. Just remember that you will have to live with whatever changes you make for perhaps a long time so don’t rush into anything but plan properly.

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