Recessed light fixtures can add glamour to your home and garden. Too many people will decorate their home to perfection but forget about the garden thinking that there is very little they can do with it. They may feel that you have to have green fingers and a lot of time to create a beautiful outdoor space. This obviously helps but it is amazing what a little bit of light does in a garden.

Think about using outdoor recessed lighting fixtures

Outdoor recessed lighting fixtures can help turn your garden into another room in your home. With space at a premium for a lot of people it is nice to be able to use your backyard more often. If you invest in a few pieces of equipment such as an exterior fireplace and some garden lights you can sit outside for longer. Even in the middle of winter when sitting outdoors is not possible, having exterior lights can help brighten your mood. You do not have to rely simply on security lighting which in fairness doesn’t create an atmosphere when it floods the garden with light. You can use fairy lights to light up a pathway or install candle lanterns to highlight the entrance to your home. If you have a beautifully shaped tree you may want to put an up lighter at the base of the tree trunk. Always use lights designed for outdoor use and follow the safety guidelines when installing them.

How can recessed light fixtures benefit your home?

Recessed lighting fixtures also help lift the mood in your home and can turn a drab dreary space into somewhere comfortable and elegant. Pick the color of your lights with care. This doesn’t mean that you should be using red or yellow light bulbs. Different light sources have different temperatures which can affect the color of the light going into a room. For example a tungsten bulb will provide a more yellow form of light than a halogen bulb.

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If your bedroom has a low ceiling and you want it to appear bigger you can use recessed ceiling lights to create an illusion of space. Paint your walls with light colors and install a light colored wooden floor. The light will bounce off these finishes back into the room. If you don’t want bright lights in your bedroom you can use table lamps strategically placed around the room to create a romantic effect. If you are lucky enough to have a large bedroom and have placed the bed in the center of the room, you can place a light under the bed to give the effect of the bed floating. This is purely a romantic decorative effect but it can look fantastic.

Recessed pendant lighting can be used very effectively in the kitchen. Some people love overhanging lamps especially those that can be pulled down when required and returned to their original height when not in use. If you have used modern finishes in your kitchen i.e. highly polished marble or stainless steel you can find that using florescent lights can produce awful reflections. Thankfully there is so much choice in light fittings now you shouldn’t find it difficult to find a more appropriate solution. You may want to combine recessed down lights with wide beam lights. People love recessed led lights in a kitchen as they are less likely to get dirty and greasy so are easier to keep looking clean.

Don’t forget to decorate your front door and hall when looking at doing up your home as this is the first space people enter. Outdoor recessed light fixtures can be used to illuminate your front door not only making it look attractive but also making it easy to find when people come to visit. On that note you should always make sure the entrance to your home is well lit. You do not want any of your guests tripping and sustaining an injury because they couldn’t see where they were going.

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