You can usually find recessed lighting fixtures in all areas of a home. They are used in bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms to help increase the general illumination of the room. Recessed down lights provide an arc of light over the walls. They can also be used as task lighting i.e. over dressing tables where you may be applying makeup or over work areas in the kitchen where extra light will help you not to cut your fingers when preparing meals. If you have a central island in your kitchen you may find that you could benefit from extra lighting. This can be achieved by installing some recessed adjustable down lights directly above it. If you want a more decorative effect you could look at some pendant lights.

Where do you get the most benefit from recessed lighting fixtures?

Recessed lighting fixtures look fantastic in a bathroom and can really open up the space to make the room look larger. The days when bathroom lighting consisted of one single light have gone. Most bathrooms have very little natural light so you need the right combination of illumination to complement the decor of the room while also providing you with sufficient light to attend to the tasks in hand. You want to be able to control the amount of light this room receives as well also that you can use full lights when the kids need to wash their teeth but still enjoy a nice warm bath with the lights on low. You can achieve this using a dimmer switch and different styles of lights. Being able to control the lighting in this way will mean you get a lot more use and enjoyment from this room.

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When installing recessed lighting fixtures in a bathroom the placement is crucial not only to the overall effect but also to make sure you obey the safety guidelines. Having an electrician install the lighting is a great idea as not only will he be up to date on current regulations but if something goes wrong you have someone to hold responsible. Water and electricity are not a good mix so this is definitely not a job for a do it yourself handyman. On the subject of safety, whether you are using halo lighting, recessed pendant lighting or other fittings you need to make sure they are suitable for use in a bathroom. If you have a wet room you must ensure the light fixtures are appropriate for this space.

When designing your room using recessed ceiling lights don’t just go for the regular design. Instead think about locating some of the lights directly over the bath or sink as the reflective surfaces will help reflect light back into the room. If you have a very modern look in this room you could install some eyeball lights. You can use recessed trim lighting to create a decorative effect or to highlight a specific feature in the room. Some people use lights to great effect around the bottom of the bath. This can make the bath look like it is floating. Add in some candles and you have a lovely haven to retreat to when you have put the kids to bed and finally have some time to relax.

Consider recessed outdoor lighting fixtures too!

It is not just the interior of your home that will benefit from the right type of lighting. A garden can become a beautiful space with the installation of some well chosen lights. You may already have some security lighting outside but have you thought about adding some decorative touches too. Some people use fairy lights to decorate a tree in their garden. Don’t go overboard as you are not trying to your exterior space into Santa’s grotto. Go for the subtle effect. Recessed outdoor lighting fixtures can be used to decorate your garden and welcome your guests into your wonderful home.

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