Crystal chandeliers certainly don’t fade quietly into the background!  And contemporary shades are far from boring; fabric shades dressed with a whole garden of flowers, etched glass shades on upturned bouquets, white glass drums, snowflakes, and sputniks. These are just some of the designs out there for ceiling lighting!

If you prefer something lighting in a lower key, recessed halogen or LED lamps are no longer just the province of designers, they are now within the reach of everybody.  Understated elegance or brazen extroversion, your wish is the lighting world’s command.

If you are more of a closet extrovert, why not go funky in the bathroom?  Chandeliers are the flavour of the moment but, so long as you remember your bathroom zones, there are a number of contemporary bathroom ceiling lights out there.  And, of course, recessed downlighters are the elegant option. .

Modern Ceiling Lights: Exciting Lighting!

When choosing ceiling lighting, try to steer clear of the old-fashioned central pendant; in a large room this style of lighting can cause harsh shadows.  Today’s lighting world offers so many options, however, that it should be easy for you to compliment ceiling lights with table lamps, floor standing lamps, or wall lights!

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Today’s ceiling lighting really does have something for everyone; recessed downlights for elegance, spots for directional lighting, and lampshades crafted from glass, crystal, fabric, and acrylic.  If you like to mix traditional styling with contemporary ingenuity, Tiffany style lights that fit flush to the ceiling might just be the thing for you.

To introduce a splash of colour into your room, pendant lights come in a multitude of hues, from fire engine red, through amber, lime green, to aqua and every nuance in between.  Pendant lights are, in fact, a designer’s dream; from pretty fabric shades to chrome pendant spots, you’ll be stunned by the wide choice of styles available.

As for the light itself, forget the old incandescent bulbs- think tungsten halogen, low voltage halogen, and LED.

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