When it comes to ceiling lights, there is no end to the styles you will have to choose from. Standard single bulb lights, recessed lights, pot lights, and track lights just to mention a few. So how do you decide which ones will work best for your application.

Like with many things, personal preference enters into it, as well as the area your lights will be in, and the job they will be asked to perform. For instance if you have a fairly large room, with little or no outside light, and you want it to be well lit, chances are a standard single bulb in the middle of the room isn’t likely going to cut it.

As well as the criteria listed above, you also have to take into account the cost, and the style. Are you looking for an elegant look as well as effective lighting, or do you simply want the lighting and the looks don’t matter. These aspects will all help to narrow down your choice.

For the example I used above you could most likely eliminate the ceiling fans with a single light, the single light, and most likely any fluorescent lights. So what’s left, you ask. Well you could go with some track lighting, some of these come with some very sophisticated looks, and the advantage they bring is that with multiple lights, you can aim a light towards every corner of the room, thus allowing for a well lit atmosphere.

If the track lighting just doesn’t cut it for you, then you could always go with recessed lighting. Recessed pot lights have a classy but not extravagant appearance. You would have to install them in different areas in the room in order to achieve the lighting you desire.

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If you need to have a ceiling fan to circulate the air, then you can always do a combination. Many ceiling fans come with the option of having a single light on the bottom or three pot lights. If you used a ceiling fan with the three pot lights, you could aim the lights in different directions, and possibly use either track lighting or recessed lighting in the remainder of the room.

The bathroom is often the hardest room to choose lighting for, as it sees a wide variety of uses. For many of the uses, such as going to the bathroom, having a shower, washing your hands, you don’t need a really bright light. However, other activities such as applying makeup, doing your hair and things like that benefit from a much brighter light.

One solution that many people use is to install two different ceiling lights. Track lighting is fairly popular for over the vanity. Recessed ceiling lights are common in the main area of the bathroom. Especially if you are going to be installing an exhaust type fan as many people do. Some of the exhaust type fans, which are recessed by nature, come with a light. Some of them however, do not. Simply put, if you know what kind of lighting you are looking for, soft, bright, elegant or functional, it is not all that hard to choose the proper kind of lighting for your application.

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