When you hear the term “ceiling lights,” it can mean a broad range of fixtures. Technically, a ceiling light is any light source that originates from the ceiling to brighten a living space, so there are tons of possibilities. It can include lighting that’s a focal point or a fixture designed to illuminate an entire room evenly. When it comes to fixtures, there’s virtually no shortage of options.

Take a look above you, and chances are you pretty good there’s a ceiling light of one kind or another shining down (or waiting to). From the bathroom and kitchen to bedroom and hallway, there’s a ceiling light for your needs.

Chandeliers are probably the most versatile ceiling lights. They provide excellent illumination, they can be as elegant or as basic as you choose, and they vary wildly in size and theme. From three-light mini chandeliers to three-tier, 21-light pieces, chandeliers might just be the perfect ceiling light. You have a ton of theme options, as well, including contemporary, antique, wrought iron and crystal.

Flushmount and semi-flush fixtures are the most popular kinds of ceiling lights. They’re usually designed to spread a broad range of light in a hallway, bathroom, or bedroom. They can also be used as outdoor ceiling fixtures for the porch-just make sure it’s UL-rated for outdoor use.

We can lump island fixtures, pendants and multi-light fixtures into the same category. They all hang from the ceiling-either by a chain like an island fixture (also called a billiard fixture), by its frame like a pendant or a flexible wire like multi-light fixtures.

An island fixture is designed to hang over a kitchen island, but you can definitely install one over the dining room table-anywhere you might need to focus some light.

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Pendants include the larger bowl pendant and the more versatile mini pendant. And multi-light fixtures are essentially a series of mini pendants, but connected at the ceiling.

Track lighting is designed to be flexible, move any way you want it to for any distance you choose, and you can direct the lights in virtually any direction. With that said, track lighting is one of the rare ceiling fixtures that will take a fair deal of planning and installation time.

Other ceiling lighting options include recessed lighting (or can lights) and spotlights. Recessed lighting is installed directly up into the ceiling itself, while spotlights are typically mounted on the ceiling. Both can be installed pretty much anywhere in the home and the light can be aimed to point in a certain direction.

Ceiling lighting is the most effective way to illuminate an entire room. While it’s a ubiquitous method of lighting, by no means are you limited to a lackluster fixture.

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Author: Sean A Murphy
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