Recessed lighting trim can help you update your home very easily and cost effectively. We all know that the lighting in our homes will dictate the ambiance. If you use too little or too much, it can cause your home to look gloomy and uninviting. The first impression a visitor gets when they come to your home is usually the one they carry away with them. For this reason you need to make sure that the lighting scheme at the entrance to your home is the right one.

Combine recessed lighting trim with other forms of light for maximum effect

It is not only your front door that should be lit up properly but also your hallway. Traditionally hallways can be dark due to lack of windows but you can change this by using the appropriate lighting. Long halls can be illuminated using a combination of recessed lighting trims and ceiling lights. It helps if you have a couple of pictures on the walls so that they can be lit up using featured lighting. You want to create layers of lights that can be used separately to account for the fact that you will need less light during daylight hours.

Recessed lighting trim kits can be installed relatively easily if you do not want to engage an electrician although that is the recommended advice. Every room needs three forms of lighting i.e. general, task and mood and all three need to be able to work in combination with each other. The most effective way to achieve this is if you have three separate circuits in each room. Some people will advise you to get dimmer switches installed and this is excellent advice but every dimmer can only carry a certain load. You must use the correct size for the number of lights you want to be able to control hence why the services of a qualified electrician should be used. If you live in a modern home you may have pre-set lighting controls. These used to only be found in hotels but have become more common the domestic market. Instead of trying to remember what settings you liked the lights at; they are programmed in for you. You can adjust the panel if you want.

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What can you use decorative recessed light trim for?

A decorative recessed lighting trim can be used to highlight a pretty picture or ornamental shelf. A lot of people have cupboards full of china and other ornaments possibly inherited from their ancestors. Why not think about putting some of these keepsakes on display. You can buy a glass or wooden showcase and use led trim lighting to help highlight particular pieces.

It is easy to become confused when choosing recessed lighting trim. You may not know the right size to buy or whether to go for halo or another form. Usually the assistants in the store will be happy to help you if they know the purpose and location of the lights. For example you may want to put 6″ recessed trim lighting around the vanity mirror in the bathroom. In this instance the lights will have to be suitable for use in a wet room which will narrow down the selection available. If you are putting them in a kitchen you may want to pick a colored recessed lighting trim. Bronze is a favorite but there are also other designs that you can choose from.

If you want to make a statement in the living or dining room you may want to invest in a chandelier. This can look fabulous but may not give off sufficient light. Try combining it with some recessed lighting trim around the edges of the room to increase the illumination without detracting from the effect of your statement piece.

Recessed ceiling lights will help you make the most of your home. As most interior designers will tell you people can decorate their homes perfectly but if they choose the wrong lighting their efforts will be in vain. Lighting needs to be as flexible as possible.

Recessed Ceiling Lights are perfect for creating atmosphere

Regardless of which room you are decorating you will want to have adjustable lighting. That way you can control the mood of the room. Recessed ceiling lights are perfect for this purpose when used with a dimmer switch. When you want a lot of light you can turn the lights fully up. When you want to perhaps introduce a more romantic mood but don’t want to sit in the dark, you can turn recessed lighting fixtures down low. If you have a large home with huge rooms you may want to ask your electrician to put in a couple of different circuits so that you have more flexibility.

LED recessed ceiling lights

Led recessed ceiling lights are becoming increasingly popular not only because they last longer and are more energy efficient but they also are much softer on the room then fluorescent tubing. Some people ask how to install recessed ceiling lights but if you are in any doubt that you have the skills required you should ask a qualified electrician to do this for you. Electricity is not something that you want to mess with as faulty wiring can cause fires not to mention electric shocks. If you do engage an electrician you could also ask him to put in a couple of extra sockets in the room so that you have a choice over where to position table or standard lamps. You do not want to ruin the effect of your interior decor by having loads of cables running across the floor.

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Regardless of which room you are decorating be it the kitchen, living room or bathroom, there are three types of lighting you need in each room. These are general, task and background lighting. General lighting is just the ordinary illumination all rooms should have. Task lighting is additional lighting needed when you are performing a specific task. For example if you were cooking in the kitchen it is usual to have recessed adjustable down lights over the working area. You can turn these on when preparing food and off when you are enjoying a romantic dinner. In the living room you would have some additional lighting in place for reading and in the bathroom it helps to provide extra illumination for shaving or applying makeup. Background or decorative lighting is provided by pretty table lamps or perhaps a light inside a glass showcase. You may have a specific feature in your home such as a beautiful fireplace. You can create a focal point around this by using accent or display lighting.

Although you do not need to worry about light fitting or lampshade when installing recessed ceiling lights, you will probably use them when decorating the rest of the room. When making your choice, always look at the effect when the light is lit and unlit. Some lampshades are beautiful until the light is turned on when they can look like they have changed color.

If you have a period home you may want to avoid eyeball lights as they can look out of place particularly when combined with high ceilings and beautiful cornice. On the other hand if you live in a hi-tech apartment these types of recessed lighting fixtures look amazing. They create a fantastic effect when combined with stainless steel or polished chrome fittings as the light bounces around the room. Always decorate in sympathy with the overall style of your home to get a better result. By all means use recessed ceiling lights to help create the overall look but don’t let them be the dominating factor in an older styled home. Obeying these types of guidelines will help make your home look very stylish.