A recessed kitchen light is used in a lot of kitchens for their ability to adapt to different lighting functions. Because of the almost limitless choice in mounting, design, style and performance, these fixtures can be used in many areas in the kitchen.

Basically, the recessed kitchen light is composed of the frame in and its reflector. This will vary depending on your ceiling construction type and the height of the joist, based on which you can choose the reflector or trim for your specific requirement. You can get recessed trims based on their performance, looks, shielding and amount of light. Quality lights are also the most preferable choice to achieve the best results.

For sloped ceilings you need different frames depending on the incline. It is a good idea to refer the building code in your locality because there may be a state mandate according to which you may have to use insulated frame in units in the case of insulated ceilings.

There are four main types of recessed lights. The illumination you get depends on which type of recessed lighting you choose from the following:

-Open down lights that light straight down

-Enclosed down lights also light straight down, but they are enclosed

-Accent recessed down lights that are adjustable. These lights in the downward direction at an angle when you want to highlight something

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-Wall wash down lights that light a larger area from high up. These can be of two types where one looks like an open down light and the other is half covered. The half covered one is of lower wattage to avoid build up of heat inside the light fixture.

Each of these four recessed lighting types produces a different light pattern. You need to choose the right reflector so that it provides optimum light and prevents glare.

The Best Way to Position Your Recessed Kitchen Light

The kind of recessed lighting you choose depends on the layout of your kitchen and your particular lighting needs, and of course, the kind of look you want to create. One thing you need to watch out for is that the cabinet does not get in the way of the cone of the downlight. You want to decide whether you need your areas to have focused lighting or want a continuous stream of light.

The spot where you position the recessed down light will decide on how intense the light will be and the pattern of light it gives out. To make an oval pattern . When you are in the planning stage of your recessed lighting plan layout you need to take into account your kitchen cabinetry along with many other things.

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