If you are building or redecorating you’ll have a list the length of your arm of all the things you need to choose to make everything just right, and ceiling lights will be a prominent part of that list. Lighting can emphasise the best parts of a room and hide the less favourable ones, making a small space look larger, and creating areas that look intimate and warm in an open plan space.

There is a wide variety of different fittings you can choose from to add light to your room. Choosing the right lighting to accommodate your need to see with your desire to make a statement about your taste, which also fits in with the rest of the room, is an important decision. You can have something unassuming and recessed or a display that is large and sparkly such as a chandelier, depending on what story you wish to tell.

A chandelier has at least two arms on its drop, and can be stylised and modern or more traditional with glittering crystals or iridescent balls that catch the light and add softness.

Many people used to opt for a fanlight shade that would either open out with the bulb below, or open up hiding the light source behind it, giving the room a more diffused light. An inverted light is a similar option, giving the appearance of a conventional shade, hung upside down.

Taking this one step further, pendant ceiling lights are a good alternative as you can easily alter the overall look just by changing the lampshade – to a different style or colour. If you are someone who likes to update your look, but may be on a budget for a few years, this is a good alternative.

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Having recessed or flush lighting is an option for those building and wanting something unassuming that does not draw your eyes up. You can arrange these to also angle out to spot light specific areas.

If you are planning lighting for more than one room, remember that each area may need a different form of lighting. If you want to be able to change the feel of a room you can adopt a dimming type of function so that you can either make it bright, or add an intimate glow, using the same ceiling lights. The key is to create as much mood and atmosphere that you can, complementing the rest of your fittings, and showing off your home in the best possible way.

Lights On – Ceiling Lights – has been selling home lighting for the best part of 10 years now. While trends and fashions change, one of the critical finishing touches to residences, wherever they are, is the lighting.

Some suggestions and ideas which John would recommend are:

With outdoor illumination, less rather than more can be most effective. Sure, the steps/stairs that provide access to decks and patios and shaded pathways must always be illuminated with safety in mind. Offset this with the discreet softness from eye-lid halogen lighting, particularly when set along the walled side of a busy deck or patio, to develop a lively and hospitable entertaining area.

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